Premature redemption of JDUL certificate – Scheme launched in Dec 2015

KAIL Limited has taken a decision to allow premature redemption of JDUL certificate. A lucrative offer has been worked out for the certificate holders who wish to redeem their JDUL certificate (redemption through this offer is not compulsory)

Certificate Type Certificate Value Sansui LED TV Model offered Additional amount to be paid by Customer
JDUL-24OTH 6500 SNS32HB23C 12250
JDUL-24SMC 6500 SNS32HB23C 12250
JDUL-32SMN 13000 SNS40HB23C 17750
JDUL-32OTH 13000 SNS40HB23C 17750
JDUL-3218X 13900 SNS40HB23C 17250
JDUL-32SMC 13900 SNS40HB23C 17250
JDUL-40OTH 20700 SNA43QX0ZS 27250
JDUL-40SMC 20700 SNA43QX0ZS 27250
JDUL-43OTH 20700 SNA43QX0ZS 27250


The offer is valid till 31st May 2017.

To participate in the premature redemption offer the original JDUL certificate holder (henceforth called customers) has to:

1) Hand over the JDUL certificate to the Dealer from where he/she purchased the Sansui LED TV

2) Pay the amount mentioned in “payment by customer” to the dealer as payable value of product

The Sansui LED TV, as per the customer’s entitlement, shall be made available within 30 days from his paying and surrendering the JDUL certificate to the dealer and customer has to take delivery from the shop of concerned dealer.

Against each certificate, the model offered is specified. No change of model is allowed other than the specified against face value of the certificate.

Premature redemption of certificate is not compulsory and can be redeemed at the end of the certificate period also as mentioned in the certificate.

For any queries / clarifications on premature redemption offer, please mail to